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One of my new Facebook friends – Kathryn Moore – posted this list to our Unschool group:
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Sir Ken Robinson:


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  1. Hi dawn, Found you through permies.com … very interesting what you have here.. our family we’ re on similar path in many ways(just 1000 steps behind :{ ), Unschooling, sustainable living, moving back to the land, permie mentality, bonkers about permaculture, green minimalistic life etc etc..so was immediately interested in your blog… My quick question…. Cant find if you have posted something about unschooling in Spain in particular… as far as I know, is not ” prohibited” but not 100% legal either unless you register kids as ” distance learners” or something like this? Is it much of a hassle jump through the loops imposed by the system there to be able to do it? Our family, 2 kiddies 5&3, we’ re planning to move south(from NL) looking for the sun,start a green permie project looking for land etc etc..all stuff you went through few yrs ago…. and Spain would be our first option and Italy#2 since in Italy apparently is 100% legal(still complying with some stuff) but i’m terrified and would not want to be harassed by government for what I consider my natural and inalienable right to educate my children. Which regions in Spain that you know off, have higher number of unschooling families? Ideally we would like to be near others on similar paths and similar mentality, perhaps even do unschooling activities together etc so in our search for land, region, we consider very important factor to be nearby other like minded people and have some sort of community feeling.
    Hope to hear from you, or if you have posted or know of other posts on this I’d be very very interested.
    Many thks in advance!

    1. Hi Carlos. Homeschooling is not legal in Spain. But not one of the cases brought before a judge have been won by the authorities. And they tend to leave foreigners pretty much alone – esp. if you have never been in the school system and haven’t had a conflict with a specific school/teacher. It actually gives us more freedom than what I hear many people have in countries where homeschooling is legal, but you have supervision from the state or you have to pass tests. The state where there are most home schoolers is in Catalonia. There the local parliament is working on a law to legalize home schooling, and therefore they officially leave home schoolers alone. The home school/free school association ALE might have some contacts there. We have quite a few permaculture friends around Barcelona, as that is where we got our education – but non of them had kids 4 years ago 🙂

  2. Hi there!
    We are a young family with 3 small children (7 months, 3 and 5 years old). We want to move from Germany to Spain within the next 3 months, preferably to a seaside location, where there are other unschooling families as well. Can you please give us any tips? We just need Internet for our work, otherwise we are free to move anywhere 🙂
    Thanks and best regards,

    1. Well – there is a big community in Coín, with mainly Spanish families. There is also a community in La Herradura of world schoolers – many from Germany. You can find them on Facebook – I think they are called World Schoolers Andalusia.

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