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We are a family of 4 Danes living in Spain. We love the climate, the people and the culture – most of it 🙂 Because moving to another country also makes you very much aware of what you like about your own culture, and how Danish we really are.

I (Dawn – mother, wife) write about food, education – and maybe later I’ll write something about the political situation in Spain, in Europe and the Western World in general – who knows? We live and learn together as a family – i.e. our children are home schooled – first because we were not satisfied with the current educational system in Spain, but the more and more, because we truly do not believe in schooling… paradox when both of us did so well in school 😉 But we are both libertarian, and we believe that to bring up our children to be free thinking individuals, they need to be able to question everything. That they cannot do in the Spanish school system, and thus they will not go there unless they want to themselves. We are moving in to the campo (countryside) to try to live a life “off the grid” – i.e. of the water network, the electricity network and the sewer network – but not of the internet… that we cannot live without 🙂 We want to grow our own food, we want to spend less money and be more independent – but we do not want to live in the stoneage.


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  1. Hej Dawn ved ikke om du har hørt det, men kort tid efter Kina mod Danmark programmerne blev afsluttet kom det frem at den kinesiske klasse faktisk var en eliteklasse med “særligt begavede” elever, læs gode til at klare sig godt i test. En af journalisterne fra DR sagde ” det havde vi ikke oplevelsen af”.
    Det er så trættende med al den useriøse journalistik der bedrives.
    Hilsen Rikke Knudsen

    1. Wow – nej det vidste jeg ikke! Det ændrer jo ikke ved pointen i min blog – at det ikke er vigtigt at konkurrere mod disse kinesere, dog betyder det nok at vores børn i virkeligheden ikke er i overhængende fare for at tabe noget kapløb 🙂

    2. What Rikke writes above is that the Chinese class that these Danish 9th graders lost so “shamefully” to, in reality is an elite class, consisting of the best he Chinese have to offer.

      My reply is that it doesn’t change a lot (even if it does skew the arguments for those who want more school and more tests), because we still don’t want to live our lives in eternal competition with these Chinese children.

  2. Hi Dawn, my name is Veronica and I found your blog by googling unschooling+Malaga. Our family (Rodrigo – husband and Alice – daughter) is moving to Malaga on the 15th of October this year. We were looking to find any unschoolers living nearby that we could meet. We share your ideas of education and also living off-grid and permaculture. We have done some wwoofing this year and we spend one month in a farm (on the north east of england) completely off-grid. Now we are going to live in a villa, very close to Malaga. It would be nice if we could keep in touch and maybe meet each other while we are living there. Is there any other way we can contact you? I looked for your e-mail or facebook but couldn’t find. Here is mine in case you are interested: ve.lacerda@gmail.com and the facebook: https://www.facebook.com/velacerda

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    warmly, Veronica.

  3. Hej,
    Kan vi sende en mail til jer? Vi er et dansk kaerestepar, som kommer til Spanien slut november i forlaengelse af allerede 6 permaculture inspiredede maaneder i Indonesien.
    Vi vil meget gerne hoere mere om jeres projekt, har I brug for hjaelp eller kan vi komme paa besoeg?
    Haaber I har det godt. Anders og Katrine

  4. Hello Dawn! SO wonderful to read some of your blog and learn about your delicious life! My family and I are moving to Spain in the Fall and are seeking an area with likeminded families – unschooling, organic living etc…..could we be in touch? I would love to learn more about the area and your experiences and about the unschooling community there….many thanks! Elin

  5. Hi I am currently looking for Woofing opportunities in Andalusia from early May – unfortunately the Spanish Wwoofing organisation seems to be very slow in processing the payment, so I’m having to resort to unconventional methods (the best kind).
    A bit about me: I have a lived for several years on a small farm/nursery in New Zealand, so I have experience with general agriculture labouring, planting, mulching and looking after mature plants, and harvesting. I have okay construction skills and can use some light equipment. Very handy with an axe or scrub clearing, ditch digging etc.
    In March I completed an intensive (14 day) PDC in Bendigo, Australia, with Darren J Doherty. The focus was on design of broad acre properties, holistic management and grazing, and general permaculture principles. In terms of work ethic I am hard working and happy to do basically everything, and I’m fine with working long days. I don’t have any particular requirements around home comforts or diet!
    Perhaps you have any Woofing opportunities at your property or you know of anyone in the region? I am available from 2nd May, for 1 or 2 weeks (some flexibility here, I can freely change my flights). I will stay in Malaga from 29apr- 2 May. Any leads at this stage would be approached. Kind regards, Stian

      1. I have no idea why your e-mail turned up… Sorry about that. I didn’t see your message either- don’t really know why I haven’t recieved a notification about it. Will see if I can delete it AsAP

  6. Hello, Dawn and Marcus,…
    I am Steven, 32 years and looking into buying a property in Spain to start my own permaculture based farm. I’ve been quietly following your blog for the last couple of months and found it very interesting and helpful.
    I have seen and visited a site already near Valencia, and I am thinking to do a second site visit, to do some surveying and so on,… This would be somewhere mid june,… While I am in Spain and have a rental car, I was thinking there was a possibility I could visit you guys in Malaga, if that suits you of course… It could be for a day or a few days including some volunteering work on your gardens etc…
    Let me know what you think,

      1. Hi, Dawn and Marcus
        Thanks for your nice and quick reply. 🙂
        Could you contact me maybe on e-mail so we can talk/plan/arrange a bit more in depth?
        I can’t seem to find a way to write you a direct e-mail from the blog.

        Kind regards,

  7. hi, my girlfriend and I are currently in andalucia and looking for the next permie farm to work on (we have been travelling in our van for a couple of months working on various farms in spain and portugal). We found your blog on a web search and it sounds like a great place you have.

    Please let me know if you are able to accept us for a week or so for us to work with you. (we have our own accommodation in our van!)

    All the best,


    1. Hi Dave. We are a little under stress right now as we don’t really have any water and haven’t had any for a while. You’d be welcome to set up your van on our land, but I don’t know how much we could give otherwise as it is now.

  8. I’m impressed with what you are doing. Perhaps the education in the UK is not so bad – had a meeting with my daughter’s class teacher today and he was pleased that she has the confidence to question what adults/teachers say. How far this really goes, I can’t say, and there is plenty I could criticise at the same time, eg the insistence on reading out loud in front of the class, which I think is an educational irrelevance and cannot encourage my daughter to do. At least, the teacher accepted that I had a valid point of view 🙂

    Anyway, I didn’t mean my comment to be praise for the system or in any way to suggest you are wrong. As you said in another post I read today, if we want to change things we need to do it ourselves rather than begging someone else to do it for us!

    1. I think the schools in nortyern Europe are somewhat better – most of the teachers come from an anti-authritarian tradition. None the less – sticking 28 kids of the same age in one room is not a good recipe for learning IMO – regardless of the good intentions of the teacher.

      1. Exactly – and kids don’t just need teaching, they actually need socialisation – and being in an environment where you are socialised by your peers is a recipe for disaster – at oeast if the parents are not aware of spending /a lot/ of time with them when they are home, and give them /a lot/ of freedom to explore their own things 🙂

      2. Mmmm – well if people aren’t up to being with their kids when they aren’t in school and they aren’t working, maybe they should reconsider having kids in the first place. Wrt unschooling – there are schools like tue Summerhill or Sudbury models – where kids are not devided according to age. Or maybe a charter school or a coop where the oarents take turns at being with the kids while the other parents are at work. I definately think it is important that we start looking for alternatives for parents who do need to have a job. I have a friend on Facebook – she simply had ger daughter babysat untill she was old enough to ve home alone while mom was at work. She did ecerything she could to keep her daughter out of public school.

      3. Since we can’t realistically stop people having children, and it would be unfair to impose our values and ideas, there are always going to be discrepancies, one way or another.

        I don’t think my daughter is doing badly in formal education – I have my issues with it but I am also able to give her what the schools can’t, I hope.

        I don’t know about the Summerhill or Sudbury models of schooling so will look into that. Certainly, there are many ways of improving education but that is just one area of life which needs attention!!

      4. I would never impose my values on others – that is part of the reason tyat I am a voluntaryist. But I am allowed to an oppinion I think, and I do think that if people have kids they have the obligation to spend as much time with them as they can. That is about personal responsibility, more than anything else.

  9. Hello,

    my daugther (8 years old) and me are making an europe trip for one year.
    We are testing to make unschooling for this year and wants to meet people who make this and who have an other view to the food we are eating, permakultur and so on.
    Now I want to make my yoga trainee at the casa in Malage and therefore I need a good place where Leonie can stay during the day/during my lessons, in the best case with other home/unschooling kids. Do you think you are the right person or do you know someone ? 🙂
    Please write me: realfiktion@web.de

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Mel. I don’t know if I’m the right person for that – as I don’t
      Know your daughter and I don’t know you 🙂 you are welcome to come by and if we don’t have guests you can stay here and vwof. Then we can see – how the kids get along etc. We are very much dead set on the voluyntarist idea – and that goes for the kids too. This means that we run our household very freely, including food – which might turn some permafolks off 🙂 It also means that I am very willing to help people unschool – and if looking after their kids is needed that might ve the help we agree to, but all involved need to agree – including my kids and your kids, otherwise I’m just another school 😉

  10. Hi
    I’m having a really hard time finding info or people who HS/US in Malaga/Axarquia area. Could you please direct me to some Facebook group or any other source where we could find out about meet-ups in the area? My daughters, 5 and 12, are really keen to meet other kids, and so are we, as parents, to meet others like us 🙂 Many thanks!

  11. Hello! Thank you so much for sharing all of your experiences. I have been watching almost all of your husband’s ‘permaculture malaga’ YouTube videos and it looks like you guys are building something awesome over there.

    We are a Dutch couple thinking about moving to Andalusia and starting a permaculture farm much like yours, and we will be in Malaga for a week at the end of August. Is there a chance we can come by for a visit to see your site with our own eyes and hear about your experience emigrating from Northern Europe?

    Tak in advance for your reply, buenos días!

      1. Hi! I hope this e-mail will reach you 🙂

        We are still very enthusiastic to come take a look at your site. Is it possible we come take a look on Friday the 21st of August?

        We are still looking for accomodation in Malaga for 1 night from the 20th of August to the 21st of August, do you have any good tips or ideas for us?

        Thanks in advance!




      2. Hi! Sorry to reach out through your comment system again, but I don’t have your e-mail address yet so this is the only way to reach out for me. I would like to get in touch to pick a date and ask you some questions about the region of Malaga. Could you let me know your e-mail address so we can discuss further? Thanks in advance!!


  12. Hi Dawn,

    My wife and I have discovered your blog and have been following with interest. We are a family of 5, 3 kids under 7 and a dog. We’re currently ‘on-grid'(?) but have been slowly trying to put plans together to change or living and income situation. We considered travelling (initially round Europe) as a possibility, but I think our ultimate aim would be to create a ‘homestead’ (for want of a better word), where we could live more simply and be as self-sufficient as possible.

    We are based in the UK, but considering property and land prices, not to mention the weather (four seasons in one day anyone?!), we have looked at the possibility of setting up home in another country. We are unschoolers and we have to take that into account when choosing a country, as I’m sure you’ve had to.

    I’m slowly picking my way through your posts from the beginning to glean nuggets of advice, but as novices in pretty much all of the aspects of our intended new life, I just wondered whether you had any advice on planning a new life in Spain and whether you had a good idea, before you moved to Spain, about how you would generate income, as this is the main thing that I have been scratching my head over.

    As others have asked, I would also like to know about Home Education groups in Spain.



    1. Hi John.
      That is a long list of questions. I will try to get back to you later this week, just wanted to write you and let you know that I’ve seen you comment and will get back to you.

  13. Hi, I found your page this morning. Are you still in Spain? Whereabouts are you if so? I am very interested in what you say and I will tell you more about me and my family. We are in a similar situation

  14. Hej! We are a family of six living in Sweden. We are considering homeschooling our 4 kids and since it is not allowed in Sweden we would have to move. My husband is danish but we are thinking of moving to the area around Malaga. Would love to get in contact with you, we are also very interested in holistic living and permaculure.

  15. Hej Dawn 🙂

    Vi er en familie på fire, der flytter til Spanien i 2019. Vi er meget interesseret i hjemme/un/world-schooling af vores børn, så vi vil høre dig, om du vil dele dine erfaringer i forhold til det lovmæssige på området? Hvilke regler gør sig gældende i Spanien, når man hjemmeskoler? Hvordan med tilsyn?

    Vh. Annemette og Baraldur

  16. Hi Dawn,
    I am so thrilled to have come across your blog. I truly believe in the principles of homeschooling, and would really love to meet with you. I am the publisher and editor of a highly valued magazine for parents (we distribute from Malaga to Gibraltar since 2002) and would love to put information into our magazine to help parents learn more about how they can homeschool their children here in Malaga.
    I would be delighted if you could please get in touch by email and would like to meet up, and anyone else that reads this message that homeschools their children in the Costa del Sol area, please do get in touch.
    Wishing you and your family the very best. Lynne x

      1. Hi Dawn, I hope that you and family are doing great! I wanted to check in with you to see if you had some time to have a chat either in person or via email/messenger. I’m interested not only for our publication for many of our readers who are also “unschooling” (we go to print in just under 3 weeks) but also for my son who is currently learning from home. Thank you Dawn and hope to speak with you soon. Lynne x

  17. Kæreste Dawn. Du er væk fra fb men heldigvis stadig her. Der. Jeg savner din stemme på skift i det daglige feed.
    Vil du maile til mig hvis jeg fortæller at børnene nu har forladt skole og bh (som i børnehave og ikke brystholder – dén er ikke helt sluppet endnu;))

    Vil elske at dele tanker med det – men det følelser en anelse for privat her i dit kommentarspor.
    Kram – Signe

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