What A Week!

Man this has been a little crazy! I promised myself to write something every week – but we have just been up to our ears in a tummy bug all week, so it will be short.

We have guests from Denmark – lovely people whom we have met on Facebook, fellow unschoolers and homesteaders. I expected that we would be digging in the garden all week, but the first day they were here Lucas came down with “something” and threw up at night and was tired all of Monday – next came Miriam and then me, and now our guests are sick too… so all week has been spent with sick kids and ditto grow ups. 

We are leaving for Denmark tomorrow (our guests will house-sit for us), and it was my birthday Wednesday, so that makes for a bit of a crazy week all in all. 

I did however want to plant my elder-bush however – it needed to be done before it set flowers and it was very close to doing that… I would have done it last year but allergies kept me in bed all spring. 

So this was the year!

Wednesday – on my birthday – I accuriered the help of two little helpers, or guest’s children – and we dug a hole on the terrace where we have had a small stream running all winter and planted it. 

Elder is only borderline suitable for this climate – USDA says zone 10 is the warmest, but I have seen it grow in Granada, next to a stream, so I hope that I can keep the it alive here, maybe with irrigation, in the shade of the carob tree. I have kept it alive in a pot for 2 years – my mother gave it to me for my birthday 2 years ago. It is the only thing that I miss from Denmark that I cannot buy in the stores down here. Except actually I can because IKEA has elderflower cordial and the Danish herbologist in Fuengirola has organic elderflower cordial – but the is not the same as making your own. I miss making my own. It is just so intrinsically linked to spring in my mind. Hopefully I can make it thrive and grow here – enough for me to produce a batch once a year.


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