A Surge in Creativity

These days I am knitting like mad! I have hardly knitted since we moved to Spain – lack of knitting friends (eg. http://www.knittingdane.com) and carpal tunnel syndrome made me stop. Then we moved here and we didn’t have electricity most nights, which was when I had most time to knit… and it died down.

Well – my daughter started ballet classes and wanted to have a blue outfit – she loves Elsa from Frozen. Blue ballet outfits are not easy to find, but I managed to find one leotard in a dance shop in Malaga (I am amazed by how many dance shops there are in Malaga – way way more than Copenhagen, but most of them mainly sell flamenco dresses). The rest we bought in white promising her that I would knit the rest for her in blue. First of all we needed a hairnet for her ballet bun.

Hair net ready for ballet class tomorrow #frozen #ballet #diy

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And inspired by the Japanese tradition of repairing broken porcelain with gold (Kintsugi), I have started fixing my old winter jacket by adding embroidery on the sleves. I will also add some flowers later, to make it a little “Desigual” inspired. I like the idea of upcykling and fixing old things, it makes me feel frugal and creative at the same time.

Fixing my old winter coat before trip to Denmark #reducereuserecycle

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I have also started drawing again – that is one of the side effects of starting to be creative to me – it all just comes in and I can hardly keep up with my ideas – I have more projects in my head than I can possibly finish (that goes for the land around here too).

The Blue Ravine #blackpaper #carandache

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A few years ago I was less aware of the fact that my ideas were far far too numerous for me so I had an idea that I would actually be able to finish them all – or at least most of them… so I bought yarn, loads of yarn (it is most knitter’s addiction, not knitting but yarn…). When we moved here, and I stopped knitting, well it just lay there, but that didn’t stop me from buying… because now I couldn’t get any good yarn here in Malaga, I “had to” buy in advance whenever I was in Denmark – and then the bugs moved in, and I found wholes in knitting I hadn’t finished… and some that I had finished… and some yarn that had been left un-used would fall apart when I started winding it.  So I froze all of it last summer – to kill the bugs. When the rains came this winter the yarn was still in the freezer and the water got into our freezer (it stands out side the kitchen door), and soaked all my yarn, and froze it be solid (so now the moths should be dead!!). So I have had to unfreeze the freezer, and the yarn, and now I have yarn hanging to dry all over the house (this is only the reds…).

Drying yarn – after the rain… #knitting #knittersofinstagram

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Very inspiring indeed! And that leads to me… wanting to buy more! Shoot! I have this plan – that I want to make a sweater for my son: He has a favorite jacket, that he wears everywhere, including indoors. It bugs me… I know that is about me and not him, but it still bugs me. So  I want to make him a sweater that is like the jacket, but is a sweater, because it won’t bug me as much. But – I don’t have the yarn for it: I have two scraps, but that isn’t enough for a whole sweater, so I “have to” buy more yearn. Well … not have to … I need to take responsibility for my addiction right? I want to, and I will buy more yarn – tomorrow I think (we now have a Norwegian yarn store in Fuengirola, and I am going to Fuengirola tomorrow).

Designing next project #knitting #knittersofinstagram

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I am using some leftovers however – I am learning to steek (the art of cutting your knit fabric without ruining it), which of course led me to want to make socks out of this yarn – well actually I want to make a sweater, but I don’t have enough of these yarns, and I.will.not.buy.more – or is it shall? – so socks it shall be:

And some leftover merino yarn that I bought on sale a lot of years ago to make my daughter a poncho. My daughter does not care to get dressed, clothes are overrated. But the house is cold these days – it has been raining a lot this winter and it does get cold here, so she walks around the house with a blanket, and the blanket gets dirty, and she knocks things from tables etc. So when we found this load of pink and red chunky yearn that I bought when she was a baby, I decided to make a poncho for her. I also finished a pair of legwarmers that I promised her – for her ballet outfit (not yarn from the stash… I bought this – but only 100g – controlling that addiction).

Leg warmers done – poncho started! #knitting #knittersofinstagram #ballet

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That brings us full circle – great how fixing that one jacket can make me feel frugal right? You know – even being crafty can make me feel frugal, even if it is the.only.place where I have a shopping gene! I feel frugal, and thus I feel that I can afford to buy good quality stuff – thus my sons sweater will probably be €50-100 in materials. That is way more expensive than any clothes I would normally buy for him… Good thing that is the only place where I feel a need to shop. Good thing that I am aware of it. Good thing that I have a hobby that brings me happiness.

I hope the rains have more or less stopped now. I think I will get out into the garden this comming week. We finished the rabbit cage saturday, but I think we will wait with a buck untill we come home from Denmark.  I took strides towards starting another keyhole garden. I want to plant my elderbush before it sets flowers (and I am almost too late to do that…), I want to plant sunflowers beans and spaghetti squash. I want to find a solution to my dog constantly digging out my keyhole garden… I want to plant something next to my garlic. I hope that this year I don’t get hayfever – because I can feel the energy of spring getting me ready to go out and get going. At the same time we have more playdates than ever before – I am almost never home… Which is the down-side of homeschooling while living in a rural area… I whish there were more homeschoolers here on our mountain. It is actually a great feeling – that feeling that I don’t have enough hours in the 24 hours there is in a day, to do all the things that I want to do! Compared to a year ago – where I hardly felt like doing anything at all – not even get up in the morning 🙂


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