The Rabbit Cage

Not the Cage Aux Folles, but it very well could be 🙂

About year ago i bought two rabbit does, more or less on a whim – I have a tendency to do things like that… sometimes it moves things forward, sometimes it becomes yet another project I never finished. This one seemed for a long time to end in the latter category – but fortunately my husband had helped me out this time and we are now almost finished with a colony setting for the rabbits. They are cute though (but now way too big to fit in one cage).

Rabbits – new inhabitants on our homestead

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First I started building a run that they could be in… but that never really got anywhere, so the fence is now lying outside my office windows. Did someone say scatterbrain?

Progress on building a run for the rabbits

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Then Marcus and I started building the colony setting that we had been talking about. But actually Marcus didn’t really have buy-in on the project and wasn’t too keen on it, so progress was slow… And I could not do it on my own since putting the hardware cloth on the roof was really too hard… And I had horrible hay fever in the spring so I was more or less sick all the time. An then July and August came and any thought of doing anything other than bathing outside was… well… just too much…

But then our worldschooler friends came to visit, and I thought: YAY, there will be two grown-ups to help me, one of them a man who is probably taller than me (he would have to suffer from dwarfism if he were to be shorter, because that is ca. how short I am – seriously not exaggerating). It almost didn’t come to fruition since we went for a long walk and suddenly I had to dash off with the kids to art class, and the next day I suddenly had to run of to go to the bank before they closed… But fortunately they were such nice people they almost finished the colony on their own.

Today we worked on the rabbit cage all afternoon (and I totally forgot that I had a date with an English home schooler in the Botanical garden… scatterbrain…). And all the holes you seen in the cage on the picture are now not there any more. All that is missing really is for me to “sew up” the panels of hardware cloth and to check for holes around the stairs on either side. I have said to myself that it is “almost done” and that “now I can order that buck” like a hundred times – but I will wait for myself to have finished it completely before I order the buck. Because otherwise I might end up with 3 rabbits in my office…

I actually dreamt last night that one of the does had kindled… and that it would have been a while ago because the kids where quite big… (not blind and naked, but little fur-balls jumping around), and that I now had not 2 rabbits in my office but 10… I think the origin of the dream was that my daughter was pet-sitting her friend’s guinea pigs, and the last day we had them, we suddenly had an extra – all lively and furry and all (apparently guinea pigs give birth to kids with fur and open eyes and all), this in spite of our friends telling us that it was two females… must have been immaculate conception then – it was very close to Christmas after all. The result of the dream was that I woke up feeling an urge to finish the colony – but then thinking that Marcus probably wouldn’t want to… and the putting it off for another couple off weeks until our next volunteers/worldschoolers arrive… But then as we had our morning coffee on the terrace (yes it is that warm), he said “I don’t know about your, but I would like to try to finish the rabbit cage today”, and that is when I had a slight feeling, that I should be going to the Botanical Garden for some reason, but thought that “no-one in the Home school group is going, so no you don’t have to if you would rather build the rabbit cage”. Poor lady whom I stood up, not a very good first impression (maybe I should send her this blog post to explain…?).

The idea with the rabbits is that they should provide us with food, manure for the garden, furs for me to do creative things with, maybe function as a lawn-mover (in tractors), and something cute and cuddly for the children, which would teach them something about permaculture and responsibility for other living beings etc. (in Permaculture everything should fill in at least 3 functions that support other systems). Having them in cages inside didn’t really cut it for that last part, and we couldn’t really have kids in the cages we have for them now… and cleaning etc. is a actually quite a hassle… so they have provided compost – great compost, but the rest of their functions have been less fulfilled in the last year. Now, hopefully soon,  we will be able to let them be all they can be.


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  1. Well done! We’re going to start with chickens, but I love the idea of rabbits and using the fur! (had a great rabbit fur hat that a friend brought me back from Russia, just never thought I would need it in Spain, damn!)

    1. I don’t think I could use a skin hat here (except if I go skiing in the mountains), but a vest or maybe a bedspread or a comforter for the couch could’ve nice. I had a pair of rabbit gloves as a child and they were the softest thing I ever saw.

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