After the Rain 2

Last week when I posted about the rain I promised that once the internet was up and running again I would post the pictures. And then the internet worked again, and my computer broke… and since all the pictures were on it I wasn’t really able to just make do with the tablet as I did last week. Well now it is working again (though it might be temporarily – it is old… but I will get and external screen set up in my office and work there). I’m posting the pictures here instead of in the post from last week – that way I make sure that people who have already read the post will see it.

The first video is right after the first rain: The water had blocked the big tube under the road, but then it had washed away the block from an old tube – much much smaller, which we hadn’t been able to see on the neighbors side of the road so we had actually started building a wall in front of it. That wall is washed away now.

The second video is the east terrace, with the rainwater garden – it doesn’t look like it is raining that hard, but it was seriously raining cats and dogs. and yet nowhere is there more than 1cm of water on the terrace, and the garden just absorbed all of it (and now we have mushrooms growing in the rain water garden).


Here the water is seriously starting to run over the road, the small pipe is blocked again and the water has no-where else to run… If we had only used one more truckload of rocks to cover that side of the road, I think it would have been able to handle it.

The last video is basically more of the same thing, just worse.

Quick note: We have had a few leaks in the roof… quite annoying. Compared to many others (a friend of mine had a waterfall down her stairs and had to leave the house with her kids), it is minor, but still… really bugs me. One is where the builders didn’t do as I told them to, two is where we have a metal roof and one of those they didn’t put in the silicone plug under the screw so the water could get in through that hole, don’t know what the reason is the last place which I discovered today. It is really annoying that they don’t seem to know how to prevent water from coming in down here – esp. since they don’t take the health risks wrt. mold in the house seriously.


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