Eat your weeds

Our internet connection sucks these days – I can only go online on my phone. But I want to post these pictures of my current craze: Eating weeds.

The top picture is cloudy chicken soup with nettles. Nettles are super super healthy (just as healthy and useful as hemp I’ve been told). Recently I bought a box of organic nettle tea – only to come home an look at my unkept garden beds and wonder why I spent so much money on that which I could pick for free… A few days later a friend of ours helped me and the kids pick a whole big bunch – but I dried them in bunches way too big, and indoors because the wind was threatening to take them away, so they went moldy. But a week ago I decided to cut the rest down and mulch those poor garden beds – nettles are dynamic accumulators and just as healthy for your garden as they are for you, full of all kinds of minerals as they are. Underneath the giant nettles (one managed to sting me through my leather gloves) I found a whole lot of small ones – which I added to our chicken soup. They taste and look like spinach and added a nice texture to our soup – you can add them to any soup where you might otherwise add greens.

This next picture is Iberian ham, green beans and thistle. Our neighbor’s son came by one day to let his goats grass our garden – and he showed Marcus how to pick the thistles and get the leaves off without stinging. Marcus will have to show me how one day – as all I ever saw was the stalks, ready for frying. I can’t help but think of a recipe for rabbit I have, where I usually substitute thistle with artichoke and the wild asparagus with cultivars, now I have both thistle, asparagus, thyme and rabbit in my own back yard, so next year in asparagus/rabbit season I will try to make this dish – 99% foraged on my own land.


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