Merry Christmas

Tomorrow we have been here in our house a year – thinking back is amazing. We have learned so much – about Permaculture and about ourselves. We have gained new friends, who share many of our values in life, which make us feel even more at home here in Malaga.

As I walk around the house, I feel more at home than any other place I’ve ever lived. I can’t wait to get started with the gardens next year. I can’t wait to learn even more about Permaculture. I can’t wait to build further on my new friendships. To go on field trips with the kids, to do projects with them at home, to enjoy them every day as they grow and learn.

I have decided that next year I will focus on the positive. On seeing the positive side of things, yes – but mostly on what I can do to make the world a better place to live. This includes focusing on that which I can affect and not on the things I can’t. I will focus on my marriage, my kids, my land, my friendships and my community. I will do my best to live purposefully and with integrity. I have started doing this already, and I find that it is making my life happier and more productive. I aspire to live to be the change I want to see in the world.

Through the last 8 years I have met some amazing people through the Home School and Permaculture networks and I have learned immensely from them. I want to affect people positively, just like these people have affected me positively. I am so happy to have met these people. They are teaching me to speak softly even about hard issues – which is really hard for me.

I sometimes get really really angry when I experience children treated with less respect than adults, just because they are children. But I realise that I reach no-one by shouting at them. I get angry by the way the world is run, but achieve nothing by demanding that everyone sees it my way. These people that I admire so much reach so many people through their ability to communicate their message in non-violent way, and I wish to learn how to do the same thing. Voluntary communication is essential in a voluntary society – I think. And I want to learn that. This also means that I need to realise what my sphere of control is, and what is outside my sphere of control. Permaculture – here on my land, and teaching it to people who want to learn is within my sphere of control. Treating my family and my friends, people in my community with compassion and helping where I can, without loosing sight of my own wants, needs and goals is another one. Giving my kids as much freedom and as much love and presence is definitely one. Trying to live so that I do not contribute to violence is. Writing about it and talking about it – passionately and lovingly, to people who want to hear this is too. Trying to convince people who don’t want to hear what I want to say is not.

I am learning and growing – this year I have learned more and grown more than ever before. I want this trend to continue.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

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  1. Maeby a greeting doesn`t warm like from a known known- person, but never the less wish your family Successful and Happy Coming New Year!

    1. Of couse it does 🙂 The fact that people I have never met follow and care about what happens with us is one of the greates gifts of the internet. Most of my very best friends are people I have met online. So Merry Christmas to you too – hope the next year will bring you and yours great joy!

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