Permaculture Malaga 10


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  1. Nice page you have founded out. Handy to have statistic and visualization of wind direction in different months! Helpful tool when deciding a place for windturbine & protective hedges. Looking forward to know what kind of design you will apply on your place. What I have understood and looked your map & vlog from the layout of your property looks like you could in future try to buy some pieces of neighbouring properties as it would benefit to have whole “vale” under your systems as they affect your one area.

  2. Hi Pauli, thank you. When I’m done with the analysis I will go over the design. I agree that the neighboring areas affect our system, but working on 6Ha is already a big project, so maybe if we “finish” one day, we will have a look the surrounding areas.

  3. Would be great if you could influence your neighbours and or inspire other permaculturalists to buy neighbouring properties. Who knows, what future brings 🙂

  4. How RU doing? How has the rains been and did you have a good olive harvest this year and have you been able to more terrace building as the weather should be cooler? Husband from my sister bought them a quite cheaply a handy looking rooftop weather station which collects all the data from their weather to computer. Everything from rainfall to wind etc. looked like a handy device.

  5. Hi Pauli,
    sorry for the late reply with all the holidays we have ad our schedule fully booked. There where some good rains early in the season but know it’s been dry for almost 2 months and I expect it will start again soon. The haven’t been many olives, since there was heavy rain in the flowering period so all the flowers rained of. We hope it’s going to be better next year.

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