Permaculture Malaga 9

Site Analysis 3: In this episode I look at and explain soil for your Site Analysis. I show you some bad erosion and we meet our latest volunteers.


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  1. I do not subscribe on Youtube because I don´t feel like giving Google more info about me as it already has … so this comment goes to your blog. I have been following your project on YT for some time. First I felt very sorry for you guys, seeing the run down farm and all. But then you really made progress and regular hot showers seem definately to be a possibility in the near future! 🙂

    Marcus´ video efforts are improving and his site analysis has been really comprehensive. Maybe still a bit shaky at times but it is obvious he is a good instructor and that he knows his stuff.

    You got the brand and logo “Permaculture Malaga” which is good for the moment, maybe you want to add something which hints to the educative character of your venture (like institute / school / whatnot).

    So once you guys feel comfortable it might be time for a proper introduction and a little website or blog including your adress and particulars. Don´t rush it though, you are still getting settled. Maybe you can add some cross references on YT so that you direct more traffic to your channel?

    Being self-employed myself I can assure you that your future will never be dull but a hot shower every evening will be totally doable.

    Keep up the good work! Healing the earth is a noble thing to do and your children are fortunate to grow up in a both natural and very stimulating environment.

    Best wishes from Germany


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