Unschooling – all the questions you never ask me

Miriam and Lucas "studying"
School at home?

It has come to my attention that people are very very curious about our unschooling adventure – but that they don’t ask me about it. Maybe because I am too blunt or hard when asked, maybe because it is just safer that way. Instead people ask my mom or my husband (who can definitely answer most questions), but almost never me. The problem with that is that I am the one who has done all the research, and thought most about this – so even if my mom and my husband tries to give very good answers to these questions – they have not thought about them the last 7 or something years.

Allow me to apologize: If I have been defensive in the past it is because I often have felt like I had to defend my choices (and in some cases I have felt attacked). But off course our choices are so different, that I does leave people wondering. So here is an invitation: Ask me all the questions you want, and I will answer them to the best of my ability, without being offended, and trying not to offend other people’s choices.

Questions that come to mind are: What about socialization? How will they learn what they need to learn? What is unschooling, and how does it differ from homeschooling? Why do you do this and not traditional homeschool? How can you do this without a teaching degree? I could never teach my kids that stuff, how do you have the patience? But really it is up to you dear reader – to ask me all the questions you want (and if you need to – ask them in Danish or Spanish :-))




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