In a cave with internet connection


Cave with internet
My cave…

This is me today.

First of all: We have internet! Yes, yes, yes! I am writing this in the comfort of our home office – yes! Not standing outside – on the edge of the cliff trying to catch the best 3G connection possible – but sitting inside our house.

The cave dream comes from one of those “Solo en España” moments – or rather days. I had to get a new ID because I have reached the limit on how much cash I can withdraw from my own account… Yes so now the government sets a limit to how much of your own money you can withdraw in cash in a year – so if you make enough you will have to use a credit-card, you are forced to. Great. So I went to open an account in another bank (cause the crooks who would withe-wash money wouldn’t be able to figure that one out?) – and  I needed my NIE (Numero Identification Extranjero – Foreigners ID), which was stolen from me a year a go. Otherwise I would only be able to get very very little money out of that bank… Statist headache already there.

So today at 10 o’clock I went to the policestation – Policia National in Malaga – to get a new card. Bossy little police officer ordering people around at the front door – ahhh – but I smiled and was polite. And I got the papers to fill in and I was told to go pay €10,50 at the  bank next door, and to then stand in line for expedition. So I did – and when I reached the lady who gives out NIEs to European citizens I was told that I needed report my old NIE stolen – “I have” I told her, well then she needed a letter from Policia Local that I had in fact reported it. Cause you know they have 3 different kinds of police here – one is not enough to keep those rowdy Spaniards in line.

So I went back to our village and went to Policia Local – only they don’t handle business with national identification cards… that would be Policia National they said. I told them that I came straight from Policia National and they’d told me to go here (mind you it is 30 mins by car both ways). So they sent me to Guardia Civil (the third police force in this country) – would you believe that they still have those little Fasci on their uniforms? You know the ones that Fascimo is named after… yeah… well anyways – after waiting in line some 10 mins (not very long by Spanish standards) I could explain my business to a policeman who then printed a piece of paper for me and put a stamp on it and signed it and I signed it too. Then I could go back to Malaga.  And wait in line again… and I could present the papers to the lady who had sent me back for the police repport, and then she asks me “what is this?” when presented with the police repport…

At 13.55 I have my ID and … did not get to the bank today, it’s closed. Maybe tomorrow – if I dare venture down from my mountain, out of my cave.

For now – an internet connection to the outside world seems more than sufficient.


4 thoughts on “In a cave with internet connection

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  1. Hi… congratulations on the internet! Do you have volunteers come stay with you? One day I would like to start my own peramaculture/self sustainability project, but before that I would like to gain as much experience as I can, volunteering and learning, discovering the different approaches and techniques that different people use.. =]

    1. Hi Josh.
      We’re just had volunteers these past two weeks, and have two coming at the end of this month (don’t know when exactly). But yes we do have volunteers and would love to have more 🙂 We have family coming most of the summer – but there is always the option of sleeping in a tent (or building a bivouac).

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