Home Schooling Malaga

Yesterday we were at a Home School meet-up in Malaga – 30 kids aging 2-16 and 20 grownups (age range unknown). We went to the Museo Interactivo de la Musica, Malaga – and we were definitely too large a party to go to such a small museum (I will return with the kids soon). But even so we had a great day!

Imagine that – in a country where Home Schooling is neither legal nor illegal, in a state where the authorities, in spite of the lack of laws in the area, do their best to harass Home Schoolers – the home School movement is alive and kicking in the province of Malaga.

And as I sit back and think of the day it strikes me again, as it often does when I return from these meetings – how few were the conflicts (none as far as I know), how easy we got around the 50 of us. How sweet the kids and gentle the grownups. Nobody shouted or scolded, the kids got along and the grownups could just relax and hang out. Instruments were tried, turns were taken – some times with an adult mediator, some times without. Families from around the world speaking in at least three different languages, interacting – exchanging ideas and playing.

And yet these are the families the government in Andalucia choose to spend time and money prosecuting – in spite of the fact that they loose these court trials again and again. Because our kids are not “socialized” (what ever that means?). I should think they could spend our money more wisely, but then again – I think I could spend our money more wisely, with out their “help”.


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  1. We are hoping to move to Malaga next year form the US and we home school. Do you think it will be a big deal? also would love to know the group you are with trying to find on for my boys when we get there.

    1. Hi Karissa. I’m not sure what it looks like wrt recidence permit, and school – I’d have to get back to you on that. I’ll be back in Malaga next week and ask my American homeschool friends.

  2. I’d love to connect with homeschoolers in Malaga! I realise this post was written a while back. How can I make contact?

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