Permaculture Malaga

What an incredible response to Marcus’ first video-blog – no less than 4 request from people wanting to come as interns/volunteers and we already have one family coming in the next two weeks, people asking us for recommendations on books and videos – and general positive response from friends and family.

We will be setting up a web-site with information about our center – but we are in the very very early stages here (cf. Our ruin) and quite taken aback with the interest – positively off course :-). Our car broke a week ago, and we are buying a new one, since the repair required to fix it is the same or more than a “new” used car, maybe one more suitable for our needs now that we are moving into the campo – so we haven’t been up at our finca since the car broke. Summer has hit Spain – which means that we are getting nowhere very fast, and not having a car complicates everything.

What we do know is that we will be having interns as well as volunteers: Volunteers will be receiving the education of working along with us (Marcus has a Permaculture Design Certificate) developing our land, it will be free of cost and room and board is included – what kind of room is not decided, but probably camping of some sort. Internships will be reasonably cheap, there will be courses and mentoring, room and board will be included. We will be able to receive volunteers as of now – but we will not be running courses until later, thus internships will start as soon as we are ready. We are thinking of hosting short work shops along the way. But nothing is planned yet.

I am working on a page (will link to it here off course) with links and book recommendations – it will be up shortly (kids and life in general permitting).


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