Our ruin

Yesterday we payed the first of 4 instalments on our new house – well house is a big word to use, since it comes virtually without a roof, and new is only that it is new to us because parts of the house is more than 200 years old.

Right now we have many things that we need to set in motion: We need to get a permission to renovate the house, we need to find a building constructor who will take on the task of renovating the house, we need to secure the west side of the house  against erosion before the rain starts in September – and we need to take action on making this place a dream home for our 7 year old boy, who now fears that he will loose all his friends.

Now – finding a snakeskin on the site definitely helped a lot! And the fact that there are 2-3 acres of trees to climb helps a lot too. And 5 different species of grasshoppers in the course of a 10 min walk did not make things worse either. But falling on his way down the mountain did not add anything either. Thistles did not contribute much to the love of the place – but with the right tools we will get rid of most of them, we hope. But we will need to have friends in and out of the house as much as possible too. Fortunately Marcus and I are not hermits, and we love to have people around. We have invited the home school group to come and use our space as a meeting space, possibly have a garden and a playground there for them to build and play in. We are inviting our old and new friends to come and help – as good friends come in many ages, sizes and colors. We want to host work aways (so if you want to be one, let us know), permaculture interns, workshops and permaculture design courses (in English and Spanish, for families and children). We will have a dog and a cat, and rabbits and chickens, later on sheep and bees – and Miriam wants a red horse (and a giraffe and a zebra – but no lions), we are hoping to convince her that a donkey is just as good. We hope to have life happening in our little valley – so much so, that when we don’t have any one around it will feel like little islands of peace, not like isolation.

We plan to green the valley – collect water, sink it in, plant trees – we want a-bun-dance!

But first we need to renovate the house… find a builder – get that renovation permit, get going.


4 thoughts on “Our ruin

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  1. Wauw! Congratulations! I look foreward to come and see it in the real – and I am sure, that Jens and I will come to help you, when you have got a hut or may be a kåte with proper sleepingplaces.

    Hugs and love

  2. I’m Cátia, the mother of a 4 years old boy. We are unschooling inspired and thinking about continuing that route. We live wirh hubby in a very small lisbon flat but i’m a country dose girl. I would love to be invited to your activities, if we can stay a few seria helping or learning as much as a mother-son can work and learn.
    I can’t think wirh more than 30 degrees so Summer is not a food time for us to be in Málaga ( or lisbon. Dk would be a good Summer spot for us).
    Ir one day you feel lume comming to lisbon, we can help you too.
    Thanks for sharing tour path with us.

    1. Hi Katia!
      You are more than welcome to visit us once we have a roof over our heads (sometime in December/January) – it would be lovely! And I will remember you if we ever go to Lissabon.

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