Been such a perfect day


We have had a perfect day. You wouldn’t think it possible – since we are at Oma’s place because she is sick and needed our help, Miriam has been running a fever all night, so I haven’t really slept… All in all it could have been of those days where I ended up being annoyed by anything, or thought that the children were too loud or maybe annoy Oma.

But it wasn’t, it was perfect. Lucas slept in till late, Mir was watching TV being very quiet and very tired after a night of high fever, and I just hung out with her and did as little as possible (feeling more than a little sorry for myself at that time). When Lucas woke the kids had breakfast and watched some more TV.

Then I found a videocamera and a tri-pod in the basement, and Lucas and I were off: we’ve been wanting to do stop-motion animation for a while, but haven’t been able to figure out how – having only iPhones for cameras… Here we had a camera and a tri-pod. Neither of us knew how it worked or had more than a vague idea of how you make stop motion and engineer mom here wasn’t really able to tell anyone the right way to do it. Manuals were studied, pictures taken – or so we thought untill we figured out that the little icon with a tape with a cross over it meant that there was no tape I the recorder 😉 so we found a tape, saw some footage that my mom had recorded when Lucas was a baby, and we made our first stop-motion picture! It is rough and very amateurish, and still on the camera, since we haven’t looked at how you transfer it to the computer (otherwise I’d gladly show it off).

After lunch, while I had a very needed and deserved nap Lucas continued to tape movies, both stop-motion and live movies, with himself in the lead (which I wouldn’t post with out his permission).

Later we went shopping. A discipline intensly hated by both Lucas and me, but he came along even though he didn’t have to. We had a wonderful time, and bought a big jar of peals and pegboards, and when we got home we made these (Lucas made the yellow one with the A – I promise I haven’t been indoctrinating him!).

Then Lucas and Marcus sat down to look at maps on the iPad – they’d had long conversations about geography driving across our small continent these past few days, and needed to tie some knots on this subject.

And now Lucas is watching National Geographic.

Now a day like this would have the potential to make me feel horridly inferior. Because sometimes I build these illusions of our unschooling days all being like this one. They are not! And after a period where my children have been totally preoccupied with television, and not showing any interest what so ever in what ever project I suggested we might do, having a day like this reaffirms my descision to unschool: The reason they were not interested in my projects, were because they were mine, not theirs – not because they only want to watch TV.


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