Cacti and liver

OK, odd headline since it isn’t season for cactus figs. But it isn’t because we ate the cacti, it’s just that I found some really beautiful ones at our local plant nursery. Plus I don’t have a picture of the liver.
We had rabbit today – the recipe is from a Danish chef living close to Jerez de la Frontera (maybe I should ask him if it’s OK that I publish it I English – to those who read Danish it’s from Annemad I Spanien). I bought it at my favourite butcher – favourite because his sausages contain meat, fat and spices – and his spices don’t include lactose. The rabbit included kidneys, liver, lungs and hart. I don’t (or didn’t) like liver – but ethically I don’t like throwing away good food either. So I found a recipe – and Solo en Españad it (thank you Chicha Analuza for coining that frase, or at least something kinda like it).

I took:

  • One large onion
  • Intestine (hart, lungs liver) from one rabbit
  • Olive oil
  • A sprig of thyme
  • One clove of garlic
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Two small avocado
  • A few drops of lemon juice

I chopped the onion up and sautéed in olive oil with thyme and chopped garlic for about 5 mins. Added the intestine and stirred and fried for 5 mins, stirred again and fried under lid for 3 more mins and served with sliced avocado dripped w. lemon juice and just a drip of salsa brava (used because we had no catsup or ketchup but Absolutely Fabulus!). It was a beautiful thing! The kids even had some. Well Lucas ate the hart and the lungs, didn’t like the liver. Miriam ate the liver – didn’t get to taste the other organs as her brother had it all).

And here is where I ponder on how my daddy used to force me to eat things – like liver – because it was healthy or to develop my tastebuds or whatever… And the only result has been that I gagged every time I tasted liver since. Way to go making healthy stuff seem gross! My mother in law on the other hand would serve up chicken liver, hart etc as a special treat for my husband “I made this special for you honey!” My mom would say that some foods, like snails, were “grown-up foods, that you probably don’t like” (mainly BC she didn’t want to buy expensive food the have me say “Yuck!” at it) – and I was jumping up and down to get to taste it. Wonder what those results say about force and learning?

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